StoryTelling:Europe! – A Viennese Caravansarai

A Viennese Caravanserai – a project by Asma Aiad & the business owners of the Brunnenmarket
June to October 2022

A Viennese Caravanserai explores and illuminates the history and dynamics of Europe at Brunnenmarket from a very new perspective.

Questions of social and European solidarity are more present than ever, especially here – at the longest street market in Europe, the Brunnenmarket. Here, a space for people from all over the world should be created to tell the stories about a future Europe. The inspiration for this is the ambience of a Caravanserai, where many different people come together to rest and exchange ideas. At the focus of A’Wiener Karavanserai are the stories of those who make this market what it is.
What makes living together in this Viennese Caravanserai easier and what makes it more difficult? How should a cosmopolitan Europe pictured as a Caravanserai of our day’s look like and how not? What can be learned or unlearned from each other?
Asma Aiad, a conceptual artist, activist and youth worker, develops A Viennese Caravanserei, a mixed-media stationery exhibition co-created with the protagonists of the Brunnenmarket.

Exhibition Opening with guided tours: June 24, 2022
Further guided tours: 1st of July, time tbc

Duration of the exhibition: June 24 to October 1, 2022

StoryTelling:Europe! is part of the European Pavilion: an initiative by the European Cultural Foundation that aims to support and promote artistic projects that imagine desirable and sustainable futures for Europe.

StoryTelling:Europe! will be further presented at an exhibition at the Volkskunde Museum Vienna in autumn this year.

The European Pavilion in Rome

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The European Pavilion in Rome is co-curated in collaboration with Studio Rizoma and Ukrainian curator Lesia Kulchynska.

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