StoryTelling:Europe! Brunnenmarkt reVisited

Brunnenmarkt reVisited 

Thu, 24.11.2022 to Sun, 12.3.2023
Opening: Wed, November 23, 2022, 7 p.m

The Brunnenmarkt is the longest street market in Europe with people from all over the world – perspectives on a future, solidary and diverse Europe are collected here. Under the title StoryTelling:Europe! two projects were worked on as part of the European Pavilion Initiative, which deal with stories from the Brunnenmarkt in the form of transmedial storytelling.

StoryTelling:Europe! is a cross-generational and transcultural project that uses artistic mediums to imagine a jointly designed Europe that goes far beyond national or continental borders. Asma Aiad developed the mixed-media station-exhibition A Viennese Caravanserei in co-creation with protagonists from the market. In spring 2022 a series of workshops with Melika Ramić took place at the Gaullachergasse elementary school. Performative StoryWalks were created with and by the children, who collected and presented stories from local shop actors and market stallholders.

In addition to the exhibition in public space, the project was in attendance in the form of a listening station in the Brunnenpassage and can still be accessed online. The European Pavilion is a new initiative by the Amsterdam-based European Cultural Foundation. The aim is to support art and culture organizations in sharing their experiences with Europe. By identifying urgent issues arising from their local and regional context as well as from their work, these organizations or European pavilions help to bring local perspectives to the European stage and bring Europe closer to its communities and their realities. The Volkskundemuseum Vienna, which is just under a kilometer as the crow flies from the Brunnenpassage, also addresses social and cultural processes in Europe in various projects and formats. The stories and discourses collected locally in the 16th district of Vienna and contextualized globally are now being made accessible to other groups in the museum. The exhibition invites visitors to engage with their own everyday lives from new perspectives.

Concept, project management, co-curation: Fariba Mosleh
Participatory co-curation: Natalia Hecht
Artists: Asma Aiad, Saime Öztürk, Melika Ramić, Livia Heisz
VKM project coordination: Herbert Justnik, VKM communication: Johanna Amlinger
VKM print graphics: Matthias Klos

A production of Brunnenpassage in cooperation with the Volkskundemuseum Wien as part of the European Pavilion Initiative. Funded by the European Cultural Foundation.