The European Pavilion is a pan-European and multidisciplinary arts initiative by the European Cultural Foundation implemented in collaboration with, and with the support of, key partners including the Camargo Foundation, the Kultura Nova Foundation, and Fondazione CRT.

With the European Pavilion programme, our ambition is to facilitate a space that encourages experimentation and reflection on Europe. We set out to support a European network of arts and cultural organisations that, through artistic and educational projects, offers the opportunity to explore ideas for a future Europe. Together we want to question and visualise what Europe is and, above all, what it can become tomorrow. We want to tell stories, imagine, speculate. We want to question and debate. And what better place than a pavilion for such a venture? The pavilion, which has taken on many functions and forms throughout history, has the quality to remain open to new definitions and meanings – much like Europe itself.

The European Pavilion is a multi-annual program and we hope to welcome many new partners in the coming years.

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